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Ceftiofur Injection

Product Information

Main Ingredient: Ceftiofur (10%).

Product Description: This product is a fine particle suspension solution. After resting, the fine particles sink. If shaken, a uniform greyish white to greyish brown suspension will be formed.

Product Features

1. Crystal raw materials

Ringpu and Tianjin University take 5 years to make Ceftiofur free acid crystals through the crystallization patent (patent license number: ZL. 2015.1.0597860.2) technology which won the First Prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award in 2018.

2. Long Acting 120 Hours

The effective blood concentration of Preceforcin can be maintained for more than 120 hours by intramuscular injection on the basis of 5mg/kg of body weight.

3. Nanosuspension for Good Needle Fluidity

According to the European Union standard, equipment is imported from Germany for high pressure homogenization to make nanoscale crystal suspension. The particle size is mainly concentrated in 800nm for good needle fluidity.

Clinical Applications

This product is used to treat respiratory tract bacterial infections of pigs and cattle, such as hemophilus parasuis.

The dosage is calculated based on Ceftiofur. Intramuscular injection: a dose of 2.2mg per 1kg of body weight of cattle, once every three days and to be used twice .

Recommended Plan


Stage of Application

When to Use

Injection Dose

Clinical Effect

Preventive Care

Newborn Calves

3 to 7 Days of Age


Improve the survival rate of calves

On the Day Weaning


Stress Period

Newly Purchased Cattle


Improve the anti-infection ability and reduce the incidence of newly purchased cattle

Newly-calved Cows

Injection after 2 hours upon delivery


Reduce the incidence of metritis, mastitis and foot rot


Intramuscular injection

Clinical mastitis

Hoof Disease

Hoof “infection, ulceration and trauma”


Used for the treatment of bacterial infection at a dosage of 0.05mg/kg, once every 3 days and to be used twice .

Packing Specifications: 50mL/Bottle x 48 Bottles/Carton

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