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Recombinant Canine α-Interferon,Freeze-dried

Ingredients: This product contains Recombinant Canine α- Interferon, the biological activity is not lower than the labeled amount.

Indications: It is used for the treatment of viral diseases such as canine parvovirus and canine distemper virus, and as an adjuvant in anti-tumor therapy.

Product Advantages:

1、The first in China: for canine viral diseases, the first domestic lyophilized powder of recombinant canine alpha-interferon that has received three types of new veterinary drug approvals

2、High activity of active ingredients: the application of genetic engineering technology, protein denaturation and complex technology, the structure is identical to natural interferon, small molecular weight, can quickly act on the target cells, the effective activity per unit volume is higher

3、After dialysis, purification treatment, endotoxin content is low, product control standards higher than the standard for human use, animals do not appear fever symptoms after use, high safety, do not require special dilutions, easy to use. Abnormal toxicity test in mice shows that Rimhpu alpha interferon has no abnormal toxicity to mice.

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