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Newcastle Disease, Infectious Bronchitis, Egg Drop Syndrome and Avian Influenza (H9 Subtype) Vaccine, Inactivated(Strain La Sota+Strain M41+Strain AV127+Strain NJ02)

Ingredients:The vaccine contains inactivated La Sota strain of chicken Newcastle disease virus, and the virus content before inactivation is not less than 4×108.0 EID50/0.1ml, chicken infectious bronchitis virus M41 strain, the virus content before inactivation ≥ 4×106.7 EID50/0.1ml, egg drop syndrome virus AV127 strain, erythrocyte agglutination value before inactivation is not less than 1:10240, H9 subtype of avian influenza virus NJ02 strain, the virus content before inactivation ≥ 4 × 106.7 EID50/0.1ml.

Indication:It is used to prevent the Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, egg drop syndrome and H9 subtype avian influenza. The immunization period is 5 months.

Usage and dosage:Subcutaneous injection on the back of neck. Immunize 2~4 weeks before laying, 0.5ml per bird.

Specification:(1) 100ml/ bottle (2) 250ml/ bottle (3) 300ml/ bottle (4) 500ml/ bottle

Storage :Store at 2~8℃

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