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Newcastle Disease, Infectious Bronchitis and Egg Drop Syndrome Vaccine, Inactivated (Strain La Sota+Strain M41+Strain Z16)

Ingredients:The vaccine contains inactivated chicken Newcastle disease virus La Sota strain, infectious bronchitis virus M41 strain and reduced egg Z16 strain of syndrome virus, inactivated before the content of chicken Newcastle disease virus ≥ 3 × 108.0 EID50/0.1ml, infectious bronchitis virus content ≥ 3×106.0 EID50/0.1ml, reduced egg syndrome virus content ≥ 3×106.0 TCID50/0.1ml.

Indication:It is used to prevent Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis and egg reduction syndrome in chickens. The duration of immunity for adult chickens before laying is 6 months.

Usage and dosage:Inject subcutaneously or intramuscularly into the neck. For breeders and laying hens about one month before the start of production, 0.5ml per bird.

Specification:(1) 100ml/bottle (2) 250ml/bottle (3) 500ml/bottle

Storage:Store at 2~8℃ 

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