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Swine Epidemic Encephalitis Vaccine, Live

Ingredients:This product contains SA14-14-2 strain of swine epidemic encephalitis virus. The virus content per dose is not less than 105.7TCID50.

Indication:Used for prevention of swine epidemic encephalitis. The immunity period is 12 months.

Usage and dosage:Intramuscular injection. Dilute into 1.0ml per dose as indicated on the bottle label with special diluent. Inject 1.0ml to each pig. Intramuscularly inject1.0 ml to replacement gilts of 6 to 7 months old 20 to 30 days before mating with breeding boars, and strengthen immunization once a year in spring thereafter. Intramuscularly inject1.0 ml to multiparous sows and adult breeding boars and immunize once a year in spring. In endemic areas of epidemic encephalitis, piglets and other pig herds should also be vaccinated.

Specification:(1) 5 doses/vial (2) 10 doses/vial (3) 20 doses/vial (4) 50 doses/vial. (5)100 doses/vial

Storage :Storage at -15℃

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