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Streptococcus Suis, Haemophilus parasuis Combined Subunit Vaccine

Ingredients:This product contains streptococcus suis immunoprotein (HP0197 and HP1036) and haemophilus parasuis immunoprotein (06257 and palA). Calculated according to the protein concentration, the content of each protein in vaccine is not less than 500μg per dose.

Indication:Used for prevention of streptococcus suis disease infected by streptococcus suis type 2 and type 7 and haemophilus parasuis disease infected by haemophilus parasuis type 4 and type 5. The immunity period is 5 months.

Usage and dosage:Equalize the vaccine to room temperature and shake well before use. Intramuscular injection in the neck, 2ml for each pig at each time. Recommended immunization procedure: inoculate breeding boars once every six months. Replacement gilts are immunized for the first time at 8-9 weeks before farrowing, and for the second time after 3 weeks. After that, every gilt is immunized once at 45 weeks before farrowing. Piglets are immunized for the first time at the age of 2 weeks and then immunized again after 3 weeks.

Specification:(1) 4 ml/bottle (2) 6 ml/bottle (3) 20 ml/bottle (4) 50 ml/bottle  (5) 100 ml/bottle.

Storage :Storage at 2~8℃

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