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Avian Infectious Bronchitis Thermo-Stable Vaccine, Live (H120 Strain)

Ingredients:The vaccine contains H120 strain of chicken infectious bronchitis virus, the virus content is ≥103.5EID50 per dose.

Indication:It is used to prevent chicken infectious bronchitis. Immunity developed 5 to 8 days after inoculation and the duration of immunity is 2 months.

Usage and dosage:

(1) It can be used for newborn chickens of different breeds. After inoculation with this product, chicks should be taken booster immunization with live thermo-stable vaccine (H52 strain) for infectious bronchitis when they are 1 to 2 months old.

(2) Dilute with physiological saline, distilled water or cold boiled water with good water quality according to the vial label and immunize by nasal drip and drinking water.

(3) Nasal drip immunization: Dilute the vaccine appropriately according to the vial label and use a dropper to absorb the vaccine, 1 drop per chicken.

(4) Drinking water immunization: double the dose, and the amount of drinking water is determined according to the age of chickens, usually for chickens 5 ~ 10 days of age, 5 ~ 10ml for each chicken, for chickens 20 ~ 30 days of age, 10 ~ 20ml for each chicken, and 20 ~ 30ml for each adult chicken.

Specification:(1) 500 doses/vial (2) 1000 doses/vial.

Storage :Storage at 2~8℃

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