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Universal Mildew-proof Cleanser

Mixed Feed Additive (Sodium Silicaluminate + Potassium Sorbate)

Main ingredients:Sodium silicaluminate and potassium sorbate, montmorillonite as carrier.

Product features:

1.High absorption rate for various toxins

Absorption effect for main mycotoxins: 98.0% for aflatoxin, 74.0% for zealenone, 53% for vomitoxin, 76% for fumaroxin and 61% for T2 toxin. Compared with well-known brands at home and abroad, the Universal Mildew-proof Cleanser has a significantly improved absorption rate.

2. Deimmunosuppression 

3. Bacteriostatic and antiseptic compound organic acids 

Broaden the pH threshold of adsorbed toxins so that mycotoxins have no desorption before the stool leaves the intestines.

Usage and dosage:

Medication in feed, each bag (1kg) of this product to be blended with 2000kg of feed for free feeding.

Medication in feed in high temperature and high humidity season, each bag (1kg) of this product to be blended with 250kg of feed for free feeding.

Packing:Aluminum plastic bag, 1kgx10bags/carton.

Shelf life:The shelf life is 24 months (in unopened condition).

Storage:Store in a dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, use as soon as possible after opening.

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