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san xiang zheng qi

Natural plant feed and raw materials  Crude extracts of cablin patchouli herb and perilla leaf (compound type)

Main ingredients:The crude extracts of cablin patchouli herb, perilla leaf, Chinese mosla, poria and liquorice root, etc.

Product features:

1.The technology of ultra-low temperature dynamic extraction to gain high effective components of essential oil; three-phase homogenization technology to stable the system of water-oil solution. 

2.The highly concentrated and natural plant essential oil product with high content of active ingredients; both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects; good palatability, drinking use, and it is suitable for group administration. 

3. For gastrointestinal cold, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, recovery of growth, it can repair intestinal mucosa and multiply intestinal probiotics.

Usage and dosage:To add 1-2L per ton of water, and can be doubled as appropriate.

Packing:500ml*24 bottles/box

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