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0.1% compound premix feed for laying hens Z01

Main ingredients:Ligusticum crude extracts, astragalus crude extracts, vitamin B6, and L-threonine, etc.

Product features:

1.The combination of traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern pharmacology, prevention and treatment of TCM and directional supplementation of nutrients. 

2.Significant effects with promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, invigorating blood and qi, anti-inflammatory, and high protection rate of fallopian tube mucosa. 

3. It can extend the peak period of laying eggs and increase laying rate. 

4. For salpingitis, it can restore laying rate, reduce broken egg rate, and improve egg quality.

Usage and dosage:Add 1L per ton of water, which can be doubled as appropriate.

Packing:500m x 24 bottles/box

Shelf life:The shelf life is 24 months (in unopened condition).

Storage: Store in a dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, use as soon as possible after opening.

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